WHO are we "The Brit Company" ​First and foremost we are a family company, built on years of experience in the building industry.

WHAT are we "The Brit Company" Is a Building maintenance company we provide a one stop service to all your repair needs "Outside / Inside from Floor to Ceiling" we also offer Data and Telephone cable install's and troubleshooting, Wireless networking setup, CCTV and Door access control. and with the current COVID 19 we also have Remote Temperature stations these can be mounted on the wall or pole. We also have them so they can take information for contract tracing or access control.

So when it comes down to putting us into a category we fit in most, most of our customers tend just to call and see if we can help with a problem they have and 99% of the time we do.


Over the last couple of months, we have been helping to install Charging Station for Electric cars, If you feel that this is something that You or your company would like to have installed for either you / your employees / Customers or the public please email us and lets do our part in charging the country.

What area do we service "The Brit Company" covers the area in the map above, but we do travel outside of this depending on the needs of the customer.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services and how we may help please email  [email protected]  ace

You may also contact us direct on 07467215475

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