Some of the Store's we have done building maintenance work at.

Our Office is now up and running with The Brit M Company Ltd registered with companies house, Bank Account, Website, Email and Telephone 

​Some of our US customers have passed along our information and our reliability to get the job done.

We have worked hard over the years building up a solid reputation for being honest and fair we deliver on time and within budget and when there is a problem we work hard to rectify it.

We use a simple and cost effective rate charge That does not charge extra or out of hours work as 90% of work orders require them to be completed while no customers are present. Holiday rates only come into effect on national holidays.

We do not see any reason why the UK market should be any different our work ethic and reputation Are solid. Our skill set and training are high we have done work in some of the Top  US retail store as well as  in Schools / Banks / Pharmacy’s / Military Base’s and Warehouses.

Please use the company email [email protected] or [email protected] 

UK Service 

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Some of the Malls we work at

building maintenance the fight against COVID 19