Health & Safety / Employment & Modern Slavery Act

  Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act
                                     Slavery and Human trafficking statement

   All our main suppliers for all contracts, Public or Government go through an e-verification process.

   this is to make sure that they comply with section 54. of the modern slavery act

  On larger contracts, we may also do a site visit to verify compliance.

​Health and Safety are very seriously and we make sure that there is a plan on hand for each work order we do.


Working in any home can be a challenge our staff will have had a briefing on the work that is required as well as contact information for the customer, Our staff all carry I.D cards that have our contact information on them, and ANY customer / Client can call to verify the workers I.D they will also have a printed Work Order with a ref # and other details that can also be used to validate what work is to be done.

Protecting Our Staff / Our Customers / Their Staff / Their Customers and Their Assets
is what we have to think about all the time. From the simplest of tasks to the most complex.
We have minimal requirements that we require on ALL worksites and then if the work requires it extra H&S practices will be added.
1) No work to be done on the shop floor when there are customers present. ( if this is an emergency work order or the shop is open 24 hr then the work area Must be isolated from the customers and warning signs must be posted.
2) All ladder work must have 2 people 1 tech and 1 spotter.
3) Correct PPE must be worn at all times.
4) All techs must check in and out with the manager on duty as well as any IVR requirements.
5) All staff that is in the area where work is being done must be verbally told that maintenance/repairs are being carried out.

The Brit M Company Ltd.

Building maintenance contracts and handyman services privacy policy

Working with/for The Brit M Company what you can expect!

A Safe working environment for all workers.
Non-discrimination workplace.
Competitive pay.
Apprenticeship positions with college and on-the-job training.
Company Health Insurance *
Easy to read Employment Contract, so we understand what to expect and what is expected of You.

We operate with a zero-tolerance regarding Discrimination of Any type or any breach in Health and Safety. No Excuse * No Second Chance  * No Job.