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Due to the current pandemic COVID - 19   The Brit Company is only doing Emergency Work Orders.

We are following local / State  and CDC guide lines on helping to stop the spread of this virus.



We uses a COMMERCIAL GRADE DISINFECTANT -That effectively sanitizes and disinfects hard surfaces, such as Bathrooms, Floors and Walls, Tables and Chairs, Metal and Steel and Porcelain. 
This is approved for use in Hospitals and other medical facilities as well as  Nursing Homes, Schools, Food Processing Facilities, Food Service Facilities, Transportation Terminals, Office Buildings, Manufacturing Plants, Hotels/Motels, Retail Businesses
Our cleaning agent  applied in a fog or mist for cleaning large area's or in a spray bottle when cleaning counter tops 
This effective cleaning formula fights against a wide variety of bacteria and viruses. leaving YOU clean again
The Brit company is committed to the fight against this virus as well as making sure businesses are clean and safe.
If you own a Business that requires our service please call or email, if you company uses a Facilities Maintenance Company please put in a Work Order request and mention "The Brit Company"

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