building maintenance the fight against COVID 19

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The Brit Company has been in the business of Building Mainteance for over 20 years, Trained on the job through different builders, then some formal training at the Technical Collage in Pool. But that was many moons ago since operating the company in Florida I have gained experience and knowledge in the Commercial sector dealing with different  national companies and IVR systems. building maintance

A few of our customers have been with us for over 15years (So we must be doing something right), We have done work in Chemist, Schools, Banks and even on a Air force Base. building maintance

We have gained experience dealing with Bad Storms / Hurricanes / Flooding, getting rid of storm water doing stock assessments / repairing ceilings /  treating walls / floor for mold and water damage. Getting the shop up and ready, to re open as soon as possible. building maintance

During storms and floods we are equipped with Pumps / Generators / Water Diversions / Sandbags / Chainsaws etc. so we can react as quickly possible to any situation. building maintance