Over time that Outside of a building starts to show the dirt and grime that is 

around us, Customers do not want to go in a dirty building. So getting it pressure washed mot only helps the building but also your buisness.


Pressure washing

This covers every thing else that you may need repairing.

We are a skilled handyman with over 20years of experience in all the building trades.

Wood / Tile / Laminate / VCT.

Repairing a broken piece can be a challenge to any floor, Over the years we have repaired many different types, Commercial / Retail and Industrial Buildings..

Floor Repair.


The Brit Company

The Brit Company takes pride in serving our customers with a hands on approach, we are self preforming we do not sub out the work you trusted us to do. 

Rodent Exclusion Services

Handyman Services


From a paint refresh to a different color layout, Color matching to fix a repair .

From the whole building to just one room we can help you.


Walls / Backsplash / Floors

New or a change out we can, we can help.

In Side and Out we can repair or install new. Doors / Base / Trim / siding / fences and gates.